The Label Unwrapped – Moulded Salmon for Dinner?

“The Label Unwrapped: The History of Canned Salmon Labels” is the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site’s current feature exhibit, which recently opened in May 2019. In this blog series Shannon King, Manager of Audience Engagement, shares some insight into the new exhibit and the colourful stories behind the labels. 

Did you notice the serving suggestions on the Vogue brand featured in the last blog? It was a label destined for sale in France and suggested serving canned salmon with Bechamelle (white wine) sauce or Maître d’hôtel (herbed butter). Oh là làtrès élégant 

In the 1950s, many labels included recipes but most were quick meal ideas designed to appeal to thrifty Canadian housewives. The ingredients in this recipe (see image below) produced by the Canadian Fishing Company sound appetizing, which leads me to think this recipe is likely tastier than its name suggests. If you give it a try, let me know! Bon appétit!