Canada Historic Places Days

Now that inter-provincial travel has started to open up, you can start planning your next trip to Canada’s historic places. In this post, Heritage Interpreter Grace W. shares how you start exploring online.

Three statues in front of large red and white building with sign that reads Gulf of Georgia Cannery. A Canada flag is at half-mast.

The National Trust for Canada is once again hosting Canada Historic Places Days as a month-long virtual event from July 3 to 31, 2021.  Canada Historic Places Days highlight historic places throughout the nation and celebrate their rich and diverse histories.  

If you’re planning an outing to Steveston, check out our Steveston Heritage Sites #VisitList from last year’s event. Discover the stories of the people and communities that shaped the fishing industry and the village itself.  

Here’s how you can participate this year – Share your Cannery experience or travel plans with others, and consider including our site in your own #VisitList at By spotlighting your favourite historic places in a #VisitList, you will nominate the sites to be featured in the National Trust for Canada’s magazine, Locale. You’ll also have the chance to win a $500 VIA Rail voucher.  

To enter, first set up an account on the Historic Places Days’ website. Start off your #VisitList with a catchy title and a featured image. Then come up with a short introduction to invite online travelers to check out your dream itinerary. Your #VisitList should include a minimum of three sites registered with Historic Places Days. 

Visit the Historic Places Days’ website to learn more about how you can take part in celebrating Canada’s historic sites from coast-to-coast!