Steveston Salmon Festival 2021

Heritage Interpreter Olivia G. shares her behind-the-scenes experience in preparing for our virtual participation in this year’s Steveston Salmon Festival.

Two people wearing a red and black uniform with two other people in historic costumes posing in front of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.
Behind the scenes for the filming of our virtual float video.

While the annual Steveston Salmon Festival will not be held in person this year, we are excited to be in the “virtual” parade. Organizations from all over Richmond will create short videos arranged in a montage celebration for a digital parade that will be posted on their website at 10am on July 1, 2021.

There was a lot of work – and fun! – that went on behind-the-scenes to make our Cannery’s virtual float submission. Our interpreters had a blast shooting, acting and editing the video themselves. They wore historical outfits and took viewers on a journey through time to 1894, acting out a day’s work in the Cannery. Watch for Interpreter Honoka working at the sliming table, and Daniel using a peugh to pike the fish as they came off the boat. We hope the video can convey our celebration of the West Coast fishing industry and its integral role in shaping our nation.

The Steveston Salmon Festival will offer other virtual programs on July 1st, such as a Horticulture Show, a virtual Main Stage highlighting the creativity of Richmond, and an at-home salmon BBQ cooking lesson that participants can follow along at home. The Cannery will be featured on a video about the history of the site and why Steveston is so significant for its role in the building of Canada’s West Coast canning and fishing industries.