Close up machines used to weigh filled salmon cans

About the Program

 This 60-minute online workshop is an interactive presentation about compound machines and an assembly line (the canning line) tour led by Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site programming staff. Students will take the roles as “detectives” and will explore three key complex machines.

Program Details

Grade Level 4-6
Duration 60 minutes (on ZOOM platform)
Available weekdays year-round
Fees $6.40 per student (including taxes)

Included in cost

  • Complete unit design (no need to add any extra work)
  • 60-minute workshop online (ZOOM)
  • Kahoot! quiz
  • An optional classroom kit (loaned) with wooden simple machines
  • Word search
  • Multiple activities
  • Two scavenger hunts
  • Historical photos and videos
  • Offered in English or in French


A physical kit can be booked on loan for a week for no extra cost. It includes wooden replicas of simple machines. The kit must be picked up at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site in Steveston. Instructions will be included to help students deepen their knowledge on how the simple machines work. 

How to Pay

• Payments are required before the day of the program.
• Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Debit or a cheque (made out to the “Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society”) are accepted.
• We are unable to provide change for cheques, so please ensure that the totals are up to date.

Maximum Size

One class of 30 students per session.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have not covered your questions, please check the complete FAQ.


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