New on Display – Salmon Can Labels

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Grace W.

multicoloured vintage labels on a flat surface
Our newly redone Label Table

From cans decorated with iconic Canadian symbols like Mounties and beavers, to Gold Seal cartoon characters designed by Walt Disney… Find out how salmon can labels changed throughout the ages at our renewed salmon can label display (affectionately called the “Label Table”).

I recently met two grandparents and their granddaughters visiting the Cannery. While looking at the labelling machine, the grandparents shared their stories about having canned Gold Seal salmon while growing up in 1950s Britain. Canned salmon from Canada was a special treat they looked forward to on Christmas Eve. They were delighted to find out how the salmon they ate growing up were made on the canning line.  

Salmon was one of the earliest canned foods sent around the world. Most Canadian canned salmon was exported to Great Britain and its colonies. Learn more about how canned salmon was marketed at the Label Table, which features salmon can labels from the late 19th century to post-World War II.

While you’re at the Label Table, try to spot the original Gulf of Georgia Cannery label that you can also find wrapped around our Front Desk.