New in the Cannery Store – Canned Sturgeon!

We’re excited to offer a new canned fish to our product mix: Hot Smoked Fraser River Sturgeon.  But wait a minute you say, isn’t that a threatened species and only a catch and release fishery?  Fortunately Northern Divine Aquafarms has created a land-based operation on the Sunshine Coast to raise these mighty fish.  This method is environmentally friendly and the product is approved by Ocean Wise, SeaChoice and Seafood Watch.  Their land-based aquaculture system uses only pure mountain freshwater in a state of the art water conserving system.   The outdoor tanks are located on land and cover an area the size of a football field. They are equipped with scrubbing towers and filters that remove ammonia, carbon dioxide and solids from the water before sending it back for recirculation. This system optimizes the rearing environment and conserves up to 99% of the water and heating energy requirements.

The canned sturgeon is a dense, mild flavoured white fish.  It is organic, with no pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.  Sturgeon is also a good source of protein, Omega 3’s, iron and Vitamin A.  Stop in and pick up a can on your next visit to the Cannery!