Historic Places Days – Selfie Contest

This year’s Canada Historic Places Days take place from July 3rd to 31st, 2021. Heritage Interpreter Grace W. shares how you can get involved in this celebration of our heritage sites.

Two women wearing headscarves pose in a selfie in front of a life ring with the words "Klahani 1K419" stamped on it
Heritage Interpreters Mikayla and Grace choose the model wheelhouse as their favourite selfie spot in the Cannery

Come to the cannery and show off your fin-tastic selfie skills by taking part in the #HistoricPlacesDays selfie contest. The contest runs from July 3rd to July 31st, 2021. Visit in person to take a photo, or visit us virtually and take a digital selfie via historicplacesdays.ca.  

Here’s how to take your digital selfie: Simply choose Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site on the “Places” web page; go to “take a selfie”; then scroll down to upload a selfie and choose your favourite background photo. You can also download or print your favourite image of the Cannery on the Canada Historic Days’ website to use as a background. You’ll be able to download and post your digital selfie to social media.  

To participate, first post your selfie on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and use the hashtag #historicplacesdays. Tag us at @GOGCannery in your post, and then tag and follow @nationaltrustca to enter the contest. Your selfie will be placed in a random draw to win $1000 for yourself and $1000 for the site you tagged.  

Visit Historic Places Days’ website to learn more about how you can take part in celebrating Canada’s historic sites from coast-to-coast!