Fish Tales: Lunar New Year, Part 3: Dessert!

Submitted by Gillian Chan, Public Programs Coordinator

Fish-shaped orange jelly dessert on top of round white plate
Carp-shaped Mango Pudding from Van Dragon Chinese Restaurant (2163 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V2). Photo credit: Gillian Chan.

It’s dessert time! To finish off a Chinese banquet, bowls of sweet red bean soup are typically passed around, but some restaurants take it to the next step and serve mango pudding. Van Dragon Chinese Restaurant on East Hastings Street dishes out these individually sized carp-shaped mango pudding with evaporated milk. 

Do you know of any other fish or seafood-shaped desserts? We can think of a few examples, but we’ll save them for another blog. Enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities, and let us know #WhatsYourFishTale?