The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society presents Waves of Innovation, a feature exhibit on the stories of innovation in the West Coast commercial fishing industry and the effects on their communities. The cause and effect of changes in energy, preservation, and fishing methods, and their impacts on people’s lives are explored throughout this interactive exhibit.

Exhibit Details

Waves of Innovation: Stories from the West Coast features stories of how changes and adaptations in the canning and fishing industries affected the people of the West Coast. 

Waves of Innovation explores the idea that not all innovations had positive impacts on people and the environment. Featured stories include voices of the diverse peoples who are integral to the industry and who lived through these waves of change: fishers, cannery workers, and their families. Where possible, the voices of Indigenous, Chinese Canadians and Japanese Canadians are highlighted, as well as each communities’ unique contributions to the featured innovations, the impact of these innovations on each community, and relevant social history.   

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. | Nous remerçions le gouvernement de la C-B pour sa participation financière.   

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