The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society proudly presents Fish Tales, a feature exhibit that celebrates the ways seafood connects diverse communities to Canada’s West Coast fishing history.  Supported by the Province of British Columbia.

Exhibit Details

Eating is about delicious food and the company you share it with. It gives us the opportunity to create communal spaces where we can connect with one another. We compel our guests to consider their own “Fish Tales” by bridging the gap between themselves and the history our site represents 

An exciting aspect of this exhibit is that it will grow and evolve as we continue to add stories to the collection. If seafood has had a profound personal impact on your life, we want to hear from you! Fill out our submission form and share your own “Fish Tale” for a chance to be featured in the exhibit.

The inspiration for this exhibit stems from our partnership with UBC’s Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC). The collaboration started as a student-led story-sharing project that centred discussions of seafood. The project, and the stories gathered, have since evolved; however, the goal remains the same – to bring more diverse stories that people can connect with.   

Fish Tales offers immersive audio and visual displays that share stories from diverse communities who all find commonality in fishing and seafood. Vivid photographs depict the plethora of ways that different cultures collect and prepare their seafood. We are certain that your mouth will be watering by the end of this exhibit!   

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