Cannery Store Feature: The Fishery Canned Goods

I love seafood. Always have, always will. As a kid, one of my favourite pastimes was watching marine life documentaries on TV. The episodes were extra special if they covered how different people from around the world would hunt and prepare their seafood. There is something to be said for harvesting food by hand, then consuming it. It’s satisfying somehow. I was drawn to this as a child, and I still am today; the fresher the catch is, the better. As such, I have always had a bit of an aversion to canned fish. Admittedly, I would have never considered eating salmon any other way than fresh (this is our fortune of being coastal!) It wasn’t until I started working at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery this past autumn, that I really considered eating canned fish. The majority of  employees and volunteers around me preferred canned over fresh fish. Many of them grew up with fishing backgrounds too – one couldn’t get fresher fish than on a fishing boat. The sway to try salmon from cans became more and more convincing. I first went with canned sockeye, which is delicious, but did not quite beat its fresher alternative. It wasn’t until yesterday, when I purchased a tin of The Fishery’s Smoked Wild Pink Salmon, that I was wholeheartedly convinced. It blew me away – the salmon tasted moist with hints of sweet and salty smoked flavour. Yum!

The Cannery Store features a variety of The Fishery canned products including pink, coho, chum, spring, and sockeye salmon, as well as scallops. The Fishery is a local company based on Saltspring Island. All their products are wild, smoked, hand packed, and every bit delicious! Give them a try, and come quick, before I consume them all!

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