School Programs

School Programs

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site offers a variety of 60 to 90 minute educational programs and tours in English and in French.

Program Fees

Admission is $7.30 per student, taxes included. Minimum 10 participants required per program. Receive a 20% discount off your class’ second program when two programs are booked for the same class, on the same day. Our programs can be customize to meet your grade level and learning objectives.  For further information and for bookings, contact: 604.664.9234 or complete the form below.


Sea to Me
(K & Gr. 1) Social Studies and Science
In this engaging program, students discover the steps of the Salmon Canning Line through stories and puzzles. During a scavenger hunt along the canning line, students work cooperatively to follow the steps to process fish from the ocean to their lunch box.
From Sea to Me Pre-visit package – English
De l’océan à l’assiette Trousse de pré-visite – French

Fishy Business: A Century of Change
(Grade 2-3) Social Studies
Students explore the relationship between people and the environment as they investigate the history of Canada’s West Coast fishing industry.  Comparing past and present fishing methods and practices, students evaluate the fishing industry’s impact on the environment and discuss the economic and cultural importance of fishing to west coast communities.
Fishy Business Pre-visit Package – English
Parlons pêche : un siècle de changements Trousse de pré-visite – French

Salmon People: Coast Salish Fishing
(Grades 4-5) Social Studies
First Nations groups have fished along the banks of the Fraser River since time immemorial. Using object-based inquiry, students explore the significance of fishing for salmon, compare fishing methods, and learn about different preservation techniques.
Salmon People Pre-Visit Package – English
Le peuple du saumon Trousse de pré-visite – French

Machines at Work
(Grade 5) Science
Students investigate how simple machines are used together along a 1930’s to 1950’s era salmon canning line with a machine demonstration.  Students must use their knowledge of simple and complex machines to design their own version of a canning line machine that will speed up the canning process.
Machines at Work Pre-visit Package – English
Machines en action Trousse de pré-visite – French

Cannery Stories
(Grade 4-5) Social Studies
What was life like for the people who lived and worked in one of BC’s cannery towns?  After a snapshot tour of our canning line exhibit, the cannery’s general store serves as the backdrop for the history mystery.  Students will work in teams to discover the identity of six cannery workers.  Conversations with store clerks, access to documents and artifact replicas provide the clues that will reveal the personal story of thee workers and bring the multicultural history of BC’s fishing industry to life.
Cannery Stories Pre-Visit Package – English
Histoires de la conserverie Trousse de pré-visite – French

Seafood for Thought
(Grades 6-8) Science
Students engage in dialogues about sustainability by comparing the environmental impacts of different fishing methods used in the commercial fishing industry.
Seafood for Thought Pre-Visit Package – English
Les produits de la mer, un pensez-y bien Trousse de pré-visite – French

Save our Salmon 
(Grades 6-8) Social Studies
In 1918, sockeye salmon were missing in considerable numbers from the Fraser River. Students will discover the factors behind the problem, use their reasoning skills, and role play in a mock commission to represent different interest groups of the Steveston fishing community. They will discuss and deliberate on a viable way to ensure the abundant return of the Fraser River salmon. How will the community work together to help save our salmon?

Discovery Tour 60 min.
(Grades 4-7) Social Studies
This Discovery program includes a tour of the canning line, a canning line demonstration, and a 15 minute film Journey Through Time about the West Coast fishing industry and more about the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Discovery Tour 90 min.
(Grades 8-12) Social Studies
This guided tour of the cannery includes a 25 minute documentary, Ebb and Flow, a 45 minute tour of the canning line, and time to explore the cannery on your own.

Make it a day trip to Steveston! Combine a school program at the Cannery with a visit to one of the other many heritage sites located in our neighbourhood. Please contact us for local options. 

School Program Brochure

Download our printable brochures in English and French here (PDF files):
School Program Brochure
Programmes éducatifs

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Our programs incorporate the new BC Curriculum

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site’s hands-on learning experiences allow students to learn by doing. Using curriculum directed content, students participate in various activities in order to come to a greater understanding of concepts, of themselves, and of others. Students gain competencies in communicating their findings in different ways, through interaction with guides, teachers, and peers. They gain understanding through observation and play, drawing their own conclusions through the exploration process.

Know-Do-Understand Curriculum Model

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