The Pull of the Net: Commercial Fishing in Canada

The Pull of the Net: Commercial Fishing in Canada celebrates the stories of the people, places, and achievements of the commercial cod and salmon fishing industry on Canada’s East and West coasts.

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The Pull of the Net: Commercial Fishing in Canada  shares the exceptional story of how the fishing industry has shaped Canadian identity from pre-confederation to modern times. From early European explorers landing on the shores of Newfoundland in search of lucrative cod, to the thriving salmon trade of coastal First Nations in BC, commercial fishing in Canada has played an important role in bringing together diverse cultural groups and creating public conversation around natural resource management. This exhibit invites visitors to explore these themes, celebrate our history and reflect upon the place of commercial fishing in today’s Canada.

To allow wider accessibility and to show the historical and modern importance of fishing for all Canadians, the largely visual, interactive exhibit will engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The exhibit is supported by the Province of British Columbia’s Community Gaming Program, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The feature exhibit will show daily from May 6, 2017 to 2019.

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