Making Waves

Join us on Sunday November 12th for a special themed expo at the Cannery Farmers’ Market.

Alongside local vendors and performers, this season’s market is set to feature several events focusing on themes and issues of importance to our communities and life on the West Coast. Making Waves is the first event of its kind to take place within the Cannery Farmers’ Market. It is organized to be an expo for the public to come and engage with various organizations and groups who focus on taking part in, or raising awareness of, local conservation efforts to protect and sustain the health our waterways, oceans and marine life.

As a former salmon cannery with a rich history and responsibility to educate about the past and inform the present of the importance of maintaining a healthy, sustainable relationship with our fish and water, this is the ideal event to kick off our programming series. This is an opportunity for the community to engage and create dialogue with groups that are actively making positive change to assure the continuation of the existence of healthy, sustainable oceans and fisheries on the West Coast, as well as to take part (by donation) in the creation of the Great Wave, a collectively created art piece which will be auctioned following its completion with funds going to support our Society’s continued ability to offer programming and education opportunities.

Groups that will be present at the event include:

David Suzuki Foundation
Organic Ocean Seafood
Stream of Dreams Mural Society
T. Buck Suzuki Foundation
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Watershed Watch
Steveston Maritime Modellers

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