Fishing the West Coast Photography Exhibit

  • 23. “Britannia” by K. Grauer
  • 51. “Left Behind” by S. Goodman
  • 40. “O’Canada” by N. Trelenberg
  • 42. “Whispers of the Sky” by L. Mozo
  • 43. “Refuge” by L. Mozo
  • 2. “Murakami House” by A. Campbell
  • 45. “Let the Earth Rejoice” by L. Mozo
  • 17. “Foggy Day at the Point” by J. Baziuk
  • 46. “Reflections in the Wave” by L. Mozo
  • 48. “Waiting for Fish” by S. Goodman
  • 53. “Remains of the Day” by S. Goodman
  • 16. “At Break of Day” by J. Baziuk
  • 18. “Ku’ulaki” by J. Baziuk
  • 35. “Sunset at Steveston” by M-K. Koon
  • 50. “The Past” by S. Goodman
  • 26. “Sea Crest” by K. Grauer
  • 12. “River Bounty” by J. Baziuk
  • 28. “In Memory” by L. Beetstra
  • 1. “Getting Ready” by A. Campbell
  • 47. “Before the Morning” by L. Mozo
  • 8. “Hauling them onboard” by C. Ellis
  • 20. “Fleet in the Fog” by K. Grauer
  • 9. “A bow full of bright chum” by C. Ellis
  • 25. “Look Who’s Coming For Dinner” by K. Grauer
  • 5. “Sunrise in Dixie Cove” by C. Ellis
  • 7. “Trolling into the sunset” by C. Ellis
  • 38. “All Tied Up” by N. Trelenberg
  • 52. “Flotsam & Jetsam” by S. Goodman
  • 36. “All Lined Up” by N. Trelenberg
  • 44. “I’ll Praise You in the Storm” by L. Mozo
  • 39. “Like Sticks in the Mud” by N. Trelenberg
  • 24. “Sunset Whaler Bay” by K. Grauer
  • 15. “Frozen in Time” by J. Baziuk
  • 13. “As the Fog Lifts” by J. Baziuk
  • 29. “Washed Ashore” by L. Beetstra
  • 33. “Sunset at Britannia Shipyards” by M-K. Koon
  • 22. “Island Provider” by K. Grauer
  • 37. “Cherry Blossom Sunset” by N. Trelenberg
  • 34. “Sunset Dance” by M-K. Koon
  • 19. “Fresh Off the Boat” by J. Baziuk
  • 3. “Forgotten Boats” by A. Campbell
  • 4. “Trolling for Chinook North West Coast” by C. Ellis
  • 31. “Quiet Reflection” by M-K. Koon
  • 32. “Seabirds Berth” by M-K. Koon
  • 49. “Beachcombers” by S. Goodman
  • 27. “Sea Crest Reflection” by K. Grauer
  • 10. “Trolling in the morning fog” by C. Ellis
  • 14. “Welcome” by J. Baziuk
  • 41. “Rainy Inspection” by P. Perenack
  • 30. “… a day’s end” by L. Gordon
  • 6. “Coffee and Prawns” by C. Ellis
  • 21. “Floats and Blue Door” by K. Grauer
  • 11. “Trolling off the North West tip of Vancouver Island” by C. Ellis

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society aims to present and promote the West Coast fishing industry. As part of this mandate, we wish to document various aspects of the commercial fishery and collect stories and experiences to share with the public of today and tomorrow.  The 2015 “Fishing the West Coast” Photography Contest is one of the Society’s strategies to preserve the knowledge and the memory of the industry as it is today.

All 53 photographs submitted to the contest are available for viewing here online, and in a special exhibit at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site from February 7 to April 3, 2016.

The Grand Prize winner will be determined by a panel of expert judges selected by the Society, while the “People’s Choice” prize will be decided by popular vote.

At the conclusion of the exhibit, all of the photographs will be added to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society’s Archive Collection as a lasting contribution to the record of B.C.’s fishing industry.

*Update — We are very pleased to announce this year’s photography contest winners as follows:

  • “2015 Best Photograph” chosen by our judges is “Hauling them on Board,” by Chelsey Ellis
  • “2015 People’s Choice” chosen by popular vote is “Rainy Inspection” by Pauline Perenack

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated this year! All contest entries will remain on exhibit at the Cannery until April 3, 2016.

Want to know more about the contest? Have some suggestions for next year? We would love to hear from you! Please contact Heidi Rampfl, Collections Manager, at or 604-664-9007 with any of your questions or comments about the Photography Contest.

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