Astoria Fisher Poets Gathering 2021

(Kim Adams photo from

Some good news about this pandemic is the access that we get to events that we may not have been able to attend in the past.

Astoria, Oregon’s Fisher Poets Gathering will be livestreaming for free on YouTube on February 25, 26 & 27. Our friend and local fisherman Wilfred Wilson will be one of 80+ fishers who will be presenting their poetry, songs and stories. Look for Wilfred on Saturday February 27th, between 6pm to 7:30pm.

Wilfred was so inspired by the annual gathering in Astoria that he approached the Cannery in 2016 to ask if we could provide a space for the first “Rivers End Fisher Poets” gathering in Steveston.  Since then, annual gatherings have been held in our Boiler House Theatre, and one year on our outdoor Tank Deck due to a sudden power outage! Fortunately, fishers and their families are known for their outdoor hardiness and quick flexibility, so the venue change was welcomed without a bat of the eye.

While we haven’t been able to hold the Steveston gatherings during the pandemic, we will be watching Astoria’s virtual gathering to learn some tips to help Wilfred host a similar online presentation if we are unable to gather in person. In the meantime, if you are a fisher or inspired by fishing, watch for our future callouts for a future Steveston gathering.

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